You can easily access your email online anywhere. Simply follow below steps along.

You need a domain name only to access the webmail. Your domain can be something like,,,,


Open your browser, it can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer. You can use any available browser, and you can do the same in your mobile also if you want to access it in your mobile through browser. Or you can configure it in your mobile using IMPA/POP3 settings.


Enter your domain name with a forward slash "/", enter webmail after the slash. And press enter. After entering the URL/Domain name in the address bar a web page will open as shown in the image below. 

For example: the selected blue part in the image below for your reference.



After opening of the web page, please enter your email id and password accordingly and press the Log in button. It will take you to your emails. If default Webmail Application is not selected you can choose any one of them from HORDE or ROUND CUBE. Click on Set as Default so that next time you login to your webmail it take you to the emails directly without prompting to choose a Webmail Application. Check the image below for your reference.

If still your issue is not resolved, please login or signup here to raise a ticket and one of our executive will resolve your query on priority. Thanks!